13 June 2017 – Bill – Appropriation


…Here in Australia, despite our rich diversity, we are united because we are bound by a common set of values. We have no more important value than that of freedom: freedom realised through independence, self-reliance and dignity of the individual—the individual who is equal, no better, no worse than other individuals. They are ideals that, in turn, promote the protection of free speech and property rights and encourage human endeavour and free enterprise. These are the very things that have created the Australia of today: an open, liberal, freemarket economy. We are the envy of much of the world and yet the target of those who are repulsed by these ideals, who believe that freedom and our way of life should be detested and ruined…We must ensure that our defence forces and our law enforcement, security and border protection agencies have the resources and capabilities needed to protect Australia and the values for which we stand…

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