The need for action on climate change is not up for debate in this House, in this parliament. Both sides of the parliament believe in the need for action. Indeed, the coalition demonstrated that in government.

Over the Coalition’s period in government, emissions were reduced by more than 20 per cent. In our last year of government, Australia saw its annual rate of emissions 77 million tonnes lower than when we came to government in 2013. Indeed, investment in renewables was at an all-time high. We not only smashed our Kyoto targets but were well on track to beat our Paris Agreement targets. And of course it was the coalition government that signed Australia up to the goal of net zero by 2050. The challenge here is often about getting the balance right—the balance with the economy.

So yes, we did see emissions come down by more than 20 per cent under the coalition. But the economy also grew by more than 23 per cent. It’s all about striking that balance. And it’s on that balance where the government is now starting to lose its way when it comes to its climate and energy agenda.

Let’s look at point (1)(c) in the member’s motion, where it states: action on climate change is beneficial both environmentally and economically;

Well, it can be. Under the coalition it was; under Labor it isn’t.

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