A Big Win For Norah Head



The reduced footprint of the Hunter offshore wind zone has been celebrated as a win for the Central Coast community of Norah Head today following a concerted community campaign against the proposal.

I am pleased to see that the fair and reasonable concerns raised by the community have been taken into consideration despite the politically coordinated consultation process which caused deep distress in the community.

I am personally grateful to the Norah Head community for taking the time to voice their concerns with me at a public forum on the Central Coast recently which enabled me to advocate on their behalf through representations in the media and through direct contact between my office and the Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner.

The community’s decisive action in rallying against the inadequate consultation process has led to substantive results but this is not over for residents of the Hunter and the Central Coast and countless other communities across Australia which face similar challenges.

For many in Norah Head, I know today’s result will be bittersweet as there are still many questions unanswered.

Listen to my interview on Sky News below:

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