The Coalition embraces next-generation clean technologies, including electric vehicles, and will take a principled approach to reviewing the Albanese Government’s National Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy.

“We support next-generation clean technologies including EVs,” said Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Ted O’Brien in response to yesterday’s release of the Government’s EV Strategy. 

“The Coalition will take the time to study the Government’s EV Strategy. As always, we will be constructive where we can and critical where we must.”  

The Coalition plans to adopt a principled approach to reviewing the EV Strategy with a view to striking a balance between technology-driven emissions reduction, maximising choice and minimising costs.

“It’s critical that the government works with the transport sector to reduce emissions, and an increasing uptake of EVs is an important part of the formula,” Mr O’Brien said.   

“Genuine consumer choice for new vehicle and fuel technologies is key. We want to ensure Australian motorists can choose the vehicle that’s right for them – whether that’s electric, hybrid, petrol, diesel or hydrogen.

“We don’t want to see the costs of vehicles go up, nor do we want Australians to be financially disadvantaged based on where they live, what they earn, the work they do or their unique way of life.”

Reflecting previous criticisms made of the Albanese government’s approach to the climate change and energy portfolio, Mr O’Brien also pointed to the need for transparency and economic modelling.

“It is important for the government to properly assess the full economic impact of its strategy on all motorists – not just EV owners – across different socioeconomic and geographic segments,” said Mr O’Brien.

“And this modelling should be openly shared with the Australian people.”  


Ted spoke to the Australian Financial Review on 20 April 2023 – read the article below.

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