Action on ‘synthetic’ lotteries


**Update 29 June 2018**    The Federal Government has now passed new legislation that will ban the provision of online lottery and keno betting services to Australian customers. The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill (Lottery Betting) Bill 2018 will ensure a fair and balanced operating environment for traditional lottery and keno game providers, and maintain important income streams for local businesses across Australia.


Many local lottery agents and keno operators have expressed concern to me about lottery and keno betting services, such as those offered by Lottoland Australia Proprietary Limited (‘Lottoland’). As a result, the Federal Government is taking strong action to address these concerns.

On 28 March 2018, the Federal Government introduced the Interactive Gambling Amendment (Lottery Betting) Bill 2018 into the House of Representatives. This Bill will legislate a nationwide prohibition against all online lottery and keno betting services, ensuring a nationally consistent approach to this issue.

We have taken this action in recognition of the importance of traditional official lottery and keno services to thousands of local businesses and clubs across Australia including newsagents, pharmacies, stand-alone lottery agents, pubs, RSLs and community clubs. Official lotteries and keno games provide an important revenue stream to state and territory governments to support the provision of local services and infrastructure.

I am confident that this strong action will benefit small businesses and their customers and I am sure you will join me in welcoming it. 

I recently spoke to the Minister for Communications and the Arts, Sen Mitch Fifield, about the legislation – click here to view.

If you have any questions about this or any other local issues, I and my office are always available to assist.

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