Annual Climate Change Statement


A unique feature of any reflection on climate change in the context of Australia expressed at this very moment, with consideration of the prior 12-month period, is that it straddles two governments and therefore tells the tale of two vastly different approaches. Since one government was the coalition and the other Labor, each with about six months in office within that 12-month period, a compare and contrast is called for, and I shall do that by making some comments at the end of this contribution about the coalition’s approach to this challenge moving forward.

A pathway that decarbonises the economy should be built on a platform to achieve three objectives: (1) that Australia remains prosperous, not poor; (2) that Australia be strong, not weak; and (3) that Australia be free and sovereign, and not captive to the interests of foreign powers. What have these broader objectives got to do with climate change and energy? Everything. As a nation we have committed to reaching the destination of net zero by 2050, but how we get there is the most fundamental question that needs to be answered.

And that is the difference between the government and the opposition.

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