COVID-19: Resumption of elite and community sport

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The National Cabinet has endorsed measures for the resumption of sport and recreation activities across Australia, including on the Sunshine Coast.  

Federal Member for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien MP said a set of National Principles along with the Australian Institute of Sport’s, Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment, will be used to guide the staged return of activity as efforts to stop the spread of the virus continue.

Minister for Youth and Sport, Richard Colbeck, said the announcement signalled an important step as Australia, slowly and resolutely, emerges from the pandemic. 

“The National Cabinet decisions map out a careful and sensible road ahead for the safe resumption of sports and recreation in Australia,” Minister Colbeck said.

“Both the National Principles and the Framework recognise the key role sport and recreation plays in the Australian community and the many health, economic, social and cultural benefits it provides.”

Federal Member for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien MP said planning for the future of sport and recreation on the Sunshine Coast would be a critical part of our recovery.

“I fully support the National Cabinet’s firm resolution that the resumption of sport and recreation activity — at any level — must not compromise the health of individuals or the community,” Mr O’Brien said.

The National Principles make clear how sporting and recreational activities can only happen where stringent, public and personal health measures are observed and required standards met.

The Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment was developed by the AIS after extensive consultation with sports organisations.

It guides the staged resumption of sport and recreation at high performance, community, and individual levels. 

The National Cabinet also agreed to establish a specialist COVID-19 Sports and Health Committee.

The committee will be chaired by Commonwealth Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly and will include relevant sports medicine and health experts from the AIS, sports, and governments to monitor and support the resumption process.

It will report to the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee

“I want to stress that the resumption process will at all times be subject to the current circumstances of jurisdictions and under the direction of relevant public health authorities,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We can expect some variation because of local factors including COVID-19 epidemiology, risk mitigation strategies, and public health capacities.

“The endorsement by the National Cabinet of the resumption of sport and recreation in Australia is a great step forward.

“However, we must all continue to play our part to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe from spread of COVID-19.”

The Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment can be found here.

Pls note – covering picture was taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions.
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