Eraring Must Be Extended


The decision by NSW Labor to keep the Eraring Coal fired power station open is further evidence that Anthony Albanese’s climate and energy policy is in tatters.

Labor promised a united national approach to energy but states are going their own way.

Labor immediately scrapped the Capacity Mechanism when it came to government to kill coal and gas but both Victoria Labor (Loy Yang A) and now NSW Labor (Eraring) are racing back to coal.

The Government set a 43% emissions reduction target and an 82% renewable energy target by 2030, neither of which will be reached, especially as NSW and Victoria Labor race back to coal.

It’s time Anthony Albanese dumped his ideological experiment of a renewables only-grid and saw the sense in the Coalition’s “All the Above” approach.

Decarbonising the economy is tough and so we will need all technologies on the table, including ones Labor finds ideologically reprehensible.

What Anthony Albanese and Chris Bowen still don’t understand is that you can’t close one system down without having a like-for-like replacement ready to go.

They want to close down 80% of Australia’s baseload energy by 2035 without any guarantee of a replacement.

It’s increasingly clear they have a tin ear to the warnings from AEMO.

I spoke to Sky News about it this week, listen HERE or click below.

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