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Member for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien MP welcomes the The Workforce Behind the Defence Force information campaign.

The campaign highlights the need for a skilled, experienced and effective workforce to make possible the Government’s historic investment of $200 billion to grow Australia’s defence capability, securing our nation and building our industrial capacity and economic prosperity at the same time.

The Workforce Behind the Defence Force campaign encourages local businesses and workers in Fairfax to seek out the opportunities that are and will be available to them in Australia’s growing defence industry and become a vital part of the Defence of Australia.

O’Brien said that in companies in Fairfax like Kennelly Constructions were already part of the workforce behind the Defence Force but other local businesses should look to get involved as well.

“There are many jobs and opportunities for Australian small to medium enterprises and individuals within the defence industry sector. We want to maximise Australian involvement in all our upcoming Defence work, so we can better support our Australian Defence Force while creating and sustaining jobs and boosting the economy” Mr O’Brien said.

“The Australian defence industry is expanding, with an increasing need for skilled workers and a wide range of Australian businesses in the supply chain. From welders for our massive shipbuilding project to cabling on the new trucks, from concreting for the warehouses on our bases to IT services for the back office: the opportunities here are significant, and growing.

“We want businesses and individuals who hadn’t previously contemplated working within the defence industry sector to be prepared and in a position to seize the opportunities to join the workforce Australia needs with the right skills now and in the future.

“This means if you’re transitioning between jobs in Fairfax, then take a look at working in the defence industry. If you’re a business looking for a new opportunity then see how you could work with Defence. If you’re studying then take a look at the options in the defence industry for once you graduate.” He said.

Information on the campaign, including where people can go to find out more about the defence industry and the opportunities available to be part of the The Workforce Behind The Defence Force is at: www.defenceindustry.gov.au

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