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Ted O‘Brien’s February Column  – Mary Valley Voice

Mobile Office

My beefed-up seasonal road trip through Fairfax last month was a success and I thank people who took advantage of my fully staffed mobile office to sit down and talk. The new one-on-one private meetings I now offer constituents were booked out and I had some good in-depth discussions. Having staff on hand enabled us to give faster feedback to constituents. It was also pleasing to hear feedback from residents about the LNP’s Fast Rail proposal between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane which has positive community support.

Foreign land sales

People have raised their concerns to me about selling local farm land to overseas buyers. You will be happy to hear that the Turnbull government has responded with new rules to ensure Aussies get a fair go in these land sales. Any farmland for sale will have to be advertised to potential Aussie bidders for a minimum of 30 days and Australians must be given an opportunity to participate.

Food Labelling

The transition to new Country of Origin food labelling is almost complete. Sunshine Coast producers consumers have had a direct impact on the shaping of this transition through an extensive consultation process that included forums and stalls at local markets. The new labelling requirements for products claiming to be made, grown, produced or packaged in Australia will be mandatory by July. Foods will have to carry the triangle kangaroo logo, a bar chart indicating the proportion of Australian ingredients and a summary statement, for example: “Made in Australia from at least 80% Australian ingredients”. These new labels give consumers the clear information they have been asking for.

If you have any issues or concerns I am here to help so please contact my office on 5479 2800 or email


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