Australia’s nuclear industry celebrates its 70th birthday today and Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Ted O’Brien, has marked the occasion by launching a video on Australia as a nuclear nation.

Today is 70 years since the Atomic Energy Act came into effect on April 15, 1953 which led to the creation of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission (AAEC), now known as ANSTO, and heralded the beginning of a journey that has seen Australia become a world leader in nuclear research.

Ted O’Brien wished the team at ANSTO a happy birthday. “Many Australians might not realise it, but we’re home to one of the world’s most advanced nuclear reactors which has been indispensable in supporting scientific research as well as the production of life-changing medicines,” Mr O’Brien said.

“I commend the foresight of Australia’s nuclear pioneers 70 years ago who anticipated the future and forged the way for Australia to become one of the world’s most sophisticated nuclear nations.”

Responsible for leading the Coalition’s investigation into new, nuclear energy, Ted O’Brien marked ANSTO’s 70th birthday by launching an explainer-video about Australia as a nuclear nation.

“Australia is already a proud nuclear nation and there’s growing optimism about our nuclear future, especially as we embrace nuclear propulsion through the AUKUS deal,” said Mr O’Brien. “Next-generation, zero-emissions nuclear energy should also be considered, and that’s exactly what the Coalition is doing.”

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