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Peta Credlin 

It’s a shocker of a week for Bowen. Joining me now Shadow Energy and Climate Minister Ted O’Brien. Ted O’Brien, thank you for your time. It always seemed inevitable when the Minister’s policies that are based on ideology rather than experts and facts and looking at what’s happening overseas but are you surprised to see you know a doubleheaded backflip which is one yesterday and one today from Chris Bowen.

Ted O’Brien 

Not surprised at all, Peter. If you think of every single target this Minister has come up with has been a disaster. He was the one who promised the $275 reduction in household power bills fail 82% renewables on the grid by 2030 everyone knows that’s going to fail 43% emissions reduction. Everyone knows that’s going to fail. And of course this one, the electric vehicle sales 89% by 2030 his own his own Department, as you point out, say it’s going to come in at less than a third and 27%. I think what’s happened is Chris Bowen has instinctively gotten desperate and he just wants to achieve the target. And that is why under the guise of a fuel efficiency standard is introduced a family car tax so the government can tell families what cars they have to drive. So he can meet his target.

Peta Credlin 

Yeah, well, in six years time I doubt led me in the Parliament, let alone the Minister and and this guy’s got form I mean, let’s not forget the worst ever record of boats arriving unlawfully to Australia in our history. Chris Bowen. The attacks on negative gearing Chris Bowen, going after self funded retirees, Chris Bowen. I mean, how he’s even got a job is beyond me. And then yesterday, Ted O’Brien, we had that shocking performance in the Parliament where you’ve got Richard miles the Defense Minister talking about almost $5 billion Australian taxpayers will spend in the UK building basically a nuclear reactor to go inside submarine followed up from that clown Chris Bowen and saying, oh, we don’t like nuclear. It’s too expensive. We can’t use it. And Australians have moved on. Now and it’s okay on in sea nuclear power. Why can’t we have nuclear power on land?

Ted O’Brien 

Yeah, precisely, Peter. So here’s what we saw in the Parliament this week. We had the Defense Minister saying that nuclear reactors are safe to Minister saying nuclear reactors are unsafe, the Defense Minister saying that Australia will be able to manage the waste in spent fuel from nuclear reactors, the Energy Minister saying Australia will not be able to manage waste from nuclear reactors. You’ve got the Defense Minister saying Australia has the capability of managing this technology, the Energy Minister saying Australia has no capability to manage this technology. So not only is there a split in views between two very senior Ministers, but I point out than these both sit on the National Security Committee of cabinet, our peak decision making body on national security issues. What message is Chris Bowen, sending out AUKUS partners in saying Australia has no idea how to manage nuclear technology. What message is he sending to younger Australians who want to embrace next-generation technologies saying that well 30 other countries can do this already another 50 are lining up to do it. But Australia you can’t do it. You don’t have the capability. It’s a wrong message for allies. It’s a wrong message for the next-generation of young Australians.

Peta Credlin 

Keep it up Ted O’Brien I can feel the tides turning. You’re absolutely at the beachhead there and I hadn’t thought about the impact with our AUKUS partners, but you’re absolutely spot on. Have a good Easter. Thanks for joining me tonight.

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