Senior state and federal Labor Ministers have descended into political civil war just days after the Prime Minister declared a cost-of-living priority ‘reset’.

Labor’s ‘renewables only’ zealot Chris Bowen talks out of both sides of his mouth on the issue, Tanya Plibersek vehemently opposes it and the Victorian State Premier doubles down on her view that the environment is not worthy of protection.

Despite Anthony Albanese’s promise to focus on solutions to Labor’s cost of living crisis the Australian Labor Party is instead fixated on fighting each other.

The political row is a slap in the face for everyday Australians suffering from unbearable home-grown inflation and some of the most expensive energy prices in the world under this Labor government.

As Australians struggle to afford the cost-of-living in 2024 Labor is at war with itself over potential wind farms slated for the 2030s.

Not only does the political infighting expose serious rifts within the Australian Labor Party, but it also reveals the perilous position of state and federal Labor’s renewable energy targets that are all-but unachievable.

Many Australians are struggling to make ends meet yet Labor Ministers are instead battling over opposing views about offshore wind farms that wouldn’t come online until the end of the decade at the earliest.

Labor’s priorities have been all wrong since day one in Government.

Albanese has lost all traces of leadership with his own Ministers abandoning his promised ‘reset’ within a week.

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