Fighting the anti-Australian brigade with pride and patriotism

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With Australia Day under attack from the Albanese Labor Government, corporate Australia and local councils, Federal Member for Fairfax Ted O’Brien is fighting back with free Australia Day merchandise of his own.  

Splashed with the message “Proud of our Country” and “Proud of our Flag”, complimentary bumper stickers are being offered by Mr O’Brien to his constituents as part of his call to “all proud Australians” to celebrate Australia Day with pride and patriotism on the 26th of January.

The Federal MP is fighting back against controversial moves to silence or cancel Australia Day. 

“Australia Day belongs to the people and should never be the play-thing of big governments and big corporates,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Australia is the world’s most successful liberal democracy, and we have so much to be proud of.

“It’s disappointing to see retail giants Woolworths and Aldi strip away Australia Day merchandise,” said the Liberal frontbencher.  “With everyday Australians struggling to make ends meet, you’d think they’d be focusing instead on reducing grocery prices.”

The Sunshine Coast MP has also lobbed criticism at his own local council after its decision to re-schedule and re-brand its annual Australia Day Awards ceremony, which has traditionally taken place on 26 January.  

“Where was the public consultation in my own community about this decision?” queried Mr O’Brien who accused the Sunshine Coast Council of removing Australia Day awards “on the quiet”.   

“I stand against any attempt to cancel or silence Australian patriotism.

“Australia Day is meant to be a day of unity, to celebrate our liberal democracy, our values of freedom and equality, and to give thanks to our ‘way of life’ which is the envy of the world.  

“At least citizenship ceremonies are set to proceed here on the Coast, but I’m astounded that councils elsewhere have gone even further by denying new Australians the opportunity to become citizens on our national day.  

“I’m calling on all proud Australians to not only celebrate this Australia Day but to do so with positivity and optimism.

“It’s why I’m providing Australia Day merchandise,” said Mr O’Brien. “ I refuse to let the anti-Australian brigade ruin Australia Day and so let’s respond to their woke negativity with expressions of pride and patriotism.”    Australia Day bumper stickers are being provided to constituents of Mr O’Brien’s electorate who register online at

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