Media Release – It Will Be ‘Lights Out Australia’ says AEMO


Australia’s energy grid is under imminent threat of blackouts as soon as this summer as the Albanese Government’s energy plan drives the premature closure of baseload energy without any guarantee of replacement.

The Australian Energy Market Operator today sounded a dire warning, signalling the increased likelihood of significant energy shortfalls as renewable energy investment stalls.

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Ted O’Brien said these warnings come as a direct consequence of Labor’s radical energy experiment.
“The market operator’s latest report is another frightening wake-up call for an incompetent federal Labor government,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Labor’s radical experiment with Australia’s energy system has created a looming crisis, with an increasing threat of blackouts as soon as this summer.”

“Australians are already paying some of the most expensive energy bills in the world and now they have been told their lights may not turn on when they need them.”

“It will only get worse if Labor continues down this dangerous path.”

The report comes as both Federal and State Governments grapple with the closure of coal fired power stations, including New South Wales’s Eraring Power Station which provides 20% of the State’s electricity.

The Shadow Energy Spokesperson called on Labor to scrap its ideological approach to energy.

“Labor must immediately stop its ideological crusade against energy technologies it doesn’t like that reliably keep the lights on,” Mr O’Brien said.

“It must adopt an ‘All the Above’ approach to energy – as the Coalition has done – to ensure a balanced mix of technologies power our grid into the future.”
“Renewables are an important part of the mix but Labor is setting them up for failure, not success, by demanding a renewables-only grid.”

“It beggars belief that while the rest of Australia grapples with soaring energy bills and an increasingly unreliable grid, our energy Minister continues to claim his policies are ‘improving the strength of the grid’.”

Download the full media release HERE.

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