Media Statement: Labor’s Car Tax Lacks Transparency



The Coalition’s motion to refer the ‘New Vehicle Efficiency Standard Bill 2024’ for an inquiry by the Standing Committee on Regional Development, Infrastructure was today rejected by the Albanese Labor Government and the Teals.

Secrecy, obfuscation and a complete lack of transparency are hallmarks of the Albanese Labor Government, especially its failing climate change and energy plan.

Labor and the Teals have today shown their true colours in voting against transparency in a deliberate move to hide the impacts of the family car tax.

Labor and the Teals have instead voted to keep the costs of the Government’s family car tax a secret from the Australian people.

Considering the Teals campaigned on a platform of transparency, I’m sure their constituents will wonder why they’ve stood in the way of this inquiry.

If the Albanese Labor Government expects anyone to believe its family car tax won’t jack up the cost of Australian vehicles, then it must allow their legislation to go to committee for scrutiny.

The Minister has confirmed that he is hiding the costs to Australians by voting against transparency, forcing stakeholders to sign non-disclosure agreements behind closed doors and excluding key industry groups from consultation.

Labor must come clean and explain to Australians how much its new tax is going to increase the cost of their next family car.

Download the full statement HERE and Ted’s doorstop interview HERE.

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