MEDIA STATEMENT: Liberal Party Leadership (Update 24/8)

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MEDIA STATEMENT: Liberal Party Leadership (Update)

Andrew Wallace MP
Member for Fisher

Ted O’Brien MP
Member for Fairfax

**The following statement is attributable to both Ted O’Brien MP and Andrew Wallace MP

“The events that have transpired in Canberra this week regarding the Liberal Party Leadership have been extremely disappointing.

While we did not cause this issue, we believe that it’s our collective responsibility as a Party Room and also as individual members to address it.

Yesterday the Prime Minister required that a minimum of 43 Liberal Members of Parliament (a simple majority) sign a petition prior to 12:00 pm today calling for a Party Room meeting to consider the issue of Liberal Party Leadership.

While we understand such a requirement from a Prime Minister is unprecedented, we also understand that it is ultimately up to the Prime Minister to call such a meeting.

In our judgement, we cannot allow a leadership paralysis to persist for another 17 days until the Parliament sits again on 10 September, and we have therefore decided to add our names to the list of MPs calling for a Party Room Meeting today.

Our decision to add our names to the list of MPs calling for a Party Room Meeting should in no way be confused as a commitment to any one or more of the leadership candidates.

The leadership of our nation must be brought to a head and resolved today.

The people of Australia deserve better than an ongoing leadership vacuum.

We both respect the significance of the secret ballot in leadership contests.

Neither of us have discussed with the other how we voted in Tuesday’s leadership ballot, nor with anyone else. Any media reports to the contrary have been speculation only.

Likewise, neither of us intend to disclose to each other or anyone else, including media how we ultimately vote should a leadership ballot be held today.

We regret that this situation has arisen and we look forward to continuing to serve the people of the Sunshine Coast in the same manner and with the same enthusiasm with which we have demonstrated over the past two and a half years.”

Date: 24 August 2018

Also see Ted O’Brien MP video statement, 5pm 24 August.

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