This statement from Shadow Climate Change and Energy Minister, Ted O’Brien MP, comes in response to news from the United Nations’ climate change summit in Dubai – COP28 – that 22 nations have joined a “Net-Zero Nuclear Initiative” which commits to triple nuclear energy capacity by 2050.

Further background information follows this statement by Mr O’Brien

Australia has foolishly isolated itself from its AUKUS allies and 20 other nations by refusing to back an international pledge for the tripling of zero-emissions nuclear energy to tackle climate change.  

Despite turning up to COP28 to report that Australia’s emissions are increasing under Labor’s “renewables only” policy, Chris Bowen is still refusing to listen and learn from other countries that are solving for energy security, affordability and reliability while driving emissions down.  

Getting to net-zero requires all technologies to be on the table and that includes zero-emissions nuclear energy.

If you’re not serious about nuclear, you’re not serious about net-zero.  

It’s why the Coalition is adopting an “All-of-the-Above” approach. We’re open to all technologies from renewables to carbon, capture and storage, zero-emissions nuclear energy, and so much more.

Prime Minister Albanese and Minister Bowen claim to know more about zero-emissions nuclear energy than the 32 countries which currently use the technology and 50 others which are looking at introducing nuclear for the first time. It’s an embarrassment.  

Labor is attempting a radical experiment by embarking on a pathway to net-zero which mill make our nation poorer, weaker, and more dependent on foreign powers.

They should instead learn from other nations which are being far more pragmatic as they base their policies on engineering and economics.  

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