Nambour Cup – help us raise money for Burnside State High School’s STEMM program

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It’s on again. As Christmas approaches, so too does the Nambour Cup – known in many circles as the greatest (cane toad) race in the southern hemisphere.

We know that your life ambition has been to be the proud sponsor of one of these gallant cane toads and we are coming to you with an exclusive and limited opportunity to be part of this incredible event:

$100 – Naming Rights. For just $100, you can name your noble steed and go down in history known by toads the world over!

The race will take place at TramFest, Howard Street, Nambour on Saturday 7 December 2019.

This race is about legacy, glory and etching your name on the Nambour Cup and the toad population for ever more. But the reach of this prestigious event goes further. All money raised will go straight to charity – the Burnside State High School’s STEMM Program.

The STEMM (Supporting Teenagers with Education, Mothering and Mentoring) program is an exceptional program that supports pregnant girls and young mothers to achieve their educational goals. It has a tailored curriculum meeting the specific needs of the students and empowers these women to continue studying.

Are you interested in sponsoring a toad and raising money for the STEMM program? For further information, please ring Shannon on 5479 2800.

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