**NOMINATIONS NOW CLOSED** – Where are the mobile black spots in Fairfax?

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                                                                            *********NOMINATIONS CLOSED**********

            Nominations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted a mobile black spot IN FAIRFAX.



The Federal Government has re-opened the Mobile Black Spot Program’s Database of Reported Black Spot Locations for new nominations from state and local governments, and Federal Members of Parliament. Minister for Regional Services, Senator Bridget McKenzie, has invited Federal Members of Parliament and local councils to make submissions on behalf of their constituents to the national mobile black spot database.

We want to know where the mobile black spots are in FAIRFAX.

Please fill in the on-line form to register a mobile black spot (or click on the icon below). We need the exact address and if you can provide the latitude and longitude of the location, that would be great (this website can help with the lat and long of your address). Be quick! You have until 9 October to register locations.

Mobile black spots in Fairfax

If you have previously contacted us about a mobile black spot in the electorate, we have already included these locations in our submission. However, please feel free to fill out the form, or give Hayley Holloway a call on 5479 2800 to check.

The nominations will support round 4 of the program which will look to provide new or improved mobile coverage in areas where there are clear economic and social benefits. Round 4 will also look to target medical, educational and emergency services facilities, as well as along key transport routes and in towns that experience seasonal demand due to tourism.

The Federal Government will invest $25 million to deliver round 4 of the program and will soon call for applications from carriers to be selected through a competitive process. The Coalition is also calling for nominations from state and territory governments.

For more information on the program visit: www.communications.gov.au/mbsp

If you would like to speak to a member of Ted’s team, please call the office on 5479 2800.

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