Seniors Spring into Focus

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Sunshine Coast senior citizens have become a focus for Ted O’Brien’s second road trip.

Keeping his commitment to take a staffed, mobile office to the people, the Member for Fairfax is rolling out his Spring Road Trip within easy access of some of the region’s largest retirement villages.

Mr O’Brien is also using the road trip to gather information ahead of establishing a Seniors Advisory Committee.
“A lot of seniors call the Sunshine Coast home so we need to ensure we listen to their needs and respond accordingly,” Mr O’Brien said.

“A Seniors Advisory Committee would have the potential to assist in developing working relationships with both private and public service providers and indeed across all levels of government.

“It would also be an effective way to better identify and communicate any unmet needs in the community.
“All road trip stops include a cuppa and a lamington, we have surveys Seniors can fill out or they can go online to my Talk To Ted website,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Ultimately this information will be fed back into the Seniors Advisory Committee which I hope to establish before Christmas.” 

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