SEQ 2032 Olympic Bid – Now let’s get on with it

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Federal Minister for Sport Richard Colbeck and the Prime Minister’s representative for a 2032 Olympic Games Ted O’Brien are delighted the Queensland Government is finally locked-in to bid for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“This is good news for Australia and great news for Queensland,” said Minister Colbeck in response to today’s announcement that the Queensland Cabinet voted in favour of progressing an Olympics bid.

“We are now officially off and running to secure the Games in 2032,” Ted O’Brien declared. 

The Morrison Government led the charge for an Olympics bid earlier this year, which was backed up with a commitment of up to $10 million to progress the bid process.

“We know that sport contributes billions to the Australian economy every year and it also leads to a healthier nation,” said Minister Colbeck.

“Bringing the Olympics to Australia in 2032 would provide a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire Australians young and old to get active and engage in sport.

“The real value for Queensland, and for Australia, is not just those couple of weeks when the eyes of the world are on us, but the decades of positive legacy,” said Mr O’Brien.

“If we are successful in our bid for 2032 it will give us a decade long run-up to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure, improve health and wellbeing, boost tourism and trade, build grassroots and high performance sports and so forth, and this legacy will last for generations.

“But we’re not there yet,” Mr O’Brien cautioned. 

“Well done to the Queensland Government for making the right decision, now let’s get on with it.”

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