Ted O’Brien MP praises our Olympians for their outstanding Tokyo efforts


The world is in a pretty dark place right now, and millions of Australians are in lockdown. But there’s been a big shining light over the last couple of weeks and that’s been in the form of arguably the most successful Australian Olympic team in history.

They’ve been lifting the spirits of the nation and, in turn, the nation has loved them back. In fact, we could not be more proud. We love the gold, the silver and the bronze, but, more than that, we love the everyday Australian whose passion overlaps with their ability and who with gritty determination unleashes their talent on the world stage, wearing the green and the gold.

As the Olympic Games come to a close this weekend, can I say to all Australian Olympians: Thank you. Thank you not just for your performance and your achievement.

Thank you for the character that you have displayed, whether it is on the field, on the court, in the water, on the road, in the stadium or in the arena. Thank you for bringing light to the darkness of a global pandemic.

Thank you for sprinkling some celebration into Australians’ isolation. Thank you for bringing us all together and giving us that one thing we all need at this time: hope—hope for a better future.

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