What’s happening along the banks of the Mary River in Kenilworth?

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Thank you to the young volunteers who have been out this month planting grasses to halt erosion along the banks of the Mary River at Kenilworth. Their work is part of the federal government’s Green Army Project – a national project that gives 17 to 24-year-olds valuable training and experience while providing benefits to the environment. The team has been planting tall, densely tufted vetiver grass on private landholdings on the Mary River where there has been erosion. I have been told the grass was chosen because of its deep roots which will help hold the crumbling soil together.

With the Sunshine Coast at the headwaters of the Mary River, we have a big environmental responsibility. Preventing erosion is about ensuring tonnes and tonnes of silt are not clogging the waterways, affecting fish and plant life and washing downstream to other communities. The Green Army has also been undertaking weed management, removing barbed wire fences and planting at Pioneer Park, Charles Street Park and the showgrounds.

The Green Army is Australia’s largest voluntary team dedicated to action on the environment it’s great to see the difference young people are making. As always I encourage you to contact my Maroochydore office with any queries or concerns on 5479 2800 or email ted.obrien.mp@aph.gov.au


Published in the Mary Valley Voice, 8 November 2017.

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