Labor Energy Minister Chris Bowen has reportedly sacked Snowy Hydro Chief Executive Paul Broad following a disagreement on the role of gas.

Media reports suggest that the sacking stemmed from the seasoned industry executive expressing doubts over Labor’s plans to convert the gas-fired Hunter Power Project at Kurri into a green hydrogen plant.

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Ted O’Brien says he is deeply concerned by the reports of Mr Broad’s sacking.

“Reports that Chris Bowen has directed Snowy Hydro’s Executive Board to sack Snowy Hydro Chief Executive Paul Broad today for providing advice that he disagrees with is deeply concerning,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Bowen is on an energy rampage as he seeks to shut down the voices of industry experts that have a different point of view.

“Labor’s energy minister refuses to accept the role of gas in an orderly energy transition and now we know how far he is willing to go to get his way.”

Bowen’s plan to convert the Hunter Gas Power project would cost taxpayers an additional $700 million and he has failed to detail the economics of his green hydrogen plan for the facility.

Shadow Minister for Finance, Senator the Hon Jane Hume, said, “Minister Bowen and Minister Gallagher need to explain how this decision reflects good governance and appropriate management of Government Business Enterprises.”

“Australians expect that these companies are able to provide free and frank advice to Government, not just tow the party line,” Senator Hume said.

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