From Monday 22 March 2021, the next phase of Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout will commence – Phase 1b, who consist of:

  1. all Australians over the age of 70 years
  2. healthcare workers not already vaccinated as part of Phase 1a rollout group
  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 55 years
  4. younger adults with an underlying medical condition, including those with a disability
  5. critical and high risk workers including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing.

If you fit into one of the above eligible categories, you must book an appointment time at a clinic who is administering the Phase 1b rollout. To find a clinic on the Sunshine Coast, click HERE or below.

Please note that the list of clinics administering the vaccine will progressively grow as we ramp up services over the next four weeks. 

If you are unsure that you are eligible to receive the vaccine during the Phase 1b rollout, please check your eligibility HERE or below.

If you do not have access to the internet and would like assistance to find a clinic nearest you, please call Team Ted on 5479 2800.

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