JOINT MEDIA STATEMENT- Fuel Efficiency Standard


4 February 2024

Australian’s favourite vehicles could soon be unaffordable if Labor’s fuel efficiency standard fails to strike the correct balance between minimising costs, reducing emissions and maximising choice for all Australians.

The Coalition will assess the detail over coming weeks and will form a position in our usual way, being constructive where we can and critical where we must.

However, the Coalition will not tolerate any measure which piles further pressure on family budgets at a time when Australians are already struggling to make ends meet under Labor’s cost of living crisis.

Fears from industry representatives today, that the Government’s heavy-handed approach will drive utes off Australian roads is of deep concern to the Coalition which has always been on the side of more choice for consumers, not less.

With the price of electric vehicles often tens of thousands of dollars more expensive than the ICE equivalents, it is critical that all costs across the lifespan of a vehicle are considered.

The Albanese Government’s spin of this measure as cost of living relief represent another Labor lie, that the Coalition rejects in the absence of any modelling.

Australian families can only save on fuel and not paying fuel excise which funds road maintenance if they can afford to purchase expensive EVs in the first place.

There is a risk Labor’s scheme will be just another subsidy for the rich and large corporations with fleets, while the benefits remain out of reach of low and middle income families and the nation’s tradies.

The Coalition embraces next-generation clean technologies and want to ensure Australian motorists have the ability to purchase the vehicle that’s right for them – whether that’s electric, hybrid, petrol, diesel, biofuels or hydrogen.

Download the full media release HERE.

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