Reports today that the ACCC has confirmed Australian manufacturers are being offered gas contracts for 2023 at rates up to five times the levels a year ago are deeply concerning.

While Australian manufacturers face the prospect of having to close up their businesses the Albanese Government is at war with itself over energy policy. The Albanese Government is hopelessly divided on gas, remains frozen by indecision and is yet to outline a clear plan to bring down energy prices – a plan they promised the Australian people they had.

The Prime Minister is failing to provide the leadership Australian manufacturers urgently need. The Treasurer spends more time diagnosing problems than dealing with them. The Energy Minister Chris Bowen has taken a brief pause from demonising gas to sign Australia up to unfunded commitments at COP in Egypt while the Resources Minister Madeline King has had to undertake an emergency visit to Japan to convince international customers that Australia is not a risky investment destination. The Industry Minister Ed Husic continues to channel the very real concerns of industry but is yet to provide any solutions and or certainty for them.

This Labor Government is divided and has no plan to lower power prices and save Australian jobs.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Sussan Ley said after six months the Albanese Government had still failed to deliver a clear plan to bring down energy prices.

“Australian manufacturers are at crisis point because Anthony Albanese has failed the leadership test on energy policy,” the Deputy Leader said.

“Gas makes up over 40 percent of total energy use in Australia’s manufacturing sector. Higher gas prices directly impacts the competitiveness of our industries, putting the jobs of Australian workers at risk,”

“How many factories have to close down, and how many workers need to be laid off before this government stops arguing and starts making the decisions our industries need?” 

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Ted O’Brien said reliable and affordable energy is the foundation of the Australian economy.

“We have abundant energy resources, yet a divided Labor party has found a way to wreck our gas and electricity markets with no solution in sight.”

“Our energy supplies were once a source of competitive advantage for Australia, but Chris Bowen’s anti-gas agenda has put us on a road to ruin.”

“Australian households and businesses are already paying the bill for Labor’s inaction and the ACCC’s latest interim report on gas prices reveals there is no relief in sight from this Government.”

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