The Coalition will today table a dissenting report on Labor’s Climate Change Bills following a Senate inquiry into the “narrow” legislation.

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy Ted O’Brien says the legislation would become a handbrake on the Australian economy.

“This bill represents bad public policy, plain and simple and will introduce a new era of green law fare in Australia,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Evidence from the inquiry found the Albanese Labor Government’s bill will make it harder to build the roads and infrastructure Australia requires.

“And green groups admitted the legislation would be used to support their green-left agenda and stand in the way of Australia’s future prosperity.

“In 100 days of office, Labor has abandoned its promise to cut power bills by $275 for Australian households, announced two new green taxes and now they seek to pull the handbrake on Australia’s economy with legislation they themselves agree is ‘unnecessary’.

“Further, the bills provide no safeguard for regional communities and the impacts this legislation will have on energy intensive industries like farming, mining and resources and the jobs regional Australians rely on.

“Submissions to the inquiry from government agencies, government departments, and industry groups reinforces our view that this is bad legislation – it’s bad for jobs, bad for major projects and bad for regional communities.”

Media Contact: Mr O’Brien: Mitch Bland | 0401 257 064 |

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