Amidst severe economic headwinds and a crippling energy crisis, the Albanese Labor Government is set to make life harder for Australian businesses and households with drastic changes to the ‘Safeguard Mechanism’.   

There’s nothing safe about Labor’s ‘safeguard’ mechanism.

Families and businesses are screaming out for help as cost of living pressures mount, and Labor’s solution is to whack businesses with new government imposed costs.  

Many of these businesses are already on their knees due to Labor’s skyrocketing energy prices now they’re being asked to cop a new cost impost.

If businesses don’t collapse under the weight of Labor’s expensive energy policies, it’s likely they will pass costs on to customers including everyday Australian households.

You inflict pain on businesses, it compromises jobs and hurts households. 

And regional Australia is set to be the biggest casualty as that’s where most of these businesses are based.

No wonder Minister Bowen refused independent economic modelling of the impact of its climate policies on regional Australia, because his plan was to smash the regions. 

The Coalition has a proud history of working constructively with industry to achieve emissions reduction targets without damaging the economy or hurting households in the process.

Since 2005, emissions fell by more than 20% while our economy grew by 45%.

The key policy difference between Labor and the Coalition is that we have always focused our approach on incentivising new technology and investment rather than adding more red tape and taxes.

Listen to my interview with Sky News on this issue HERE.

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