Optus data breach – information and practical steps


Reports that up to nine million or even more Optus users’ data have been exposed as part of a cyber attack are very concerning.

As the Leader of the Opposition says, this may be the largest data breach in Australian history and we are seeking briefings from the Government and intelligence agencies about this serious breach.

Along with my Coalition colleagues, we will carefully consider and offer bipartisan support to any sensible reforms or necessary changes to the law proposed by the Government.

If you are caught up in the Optus data breach, it’s important that we defer to Australia’s cyber-security experts for their advice. Pls see the following links to specific information and practical steps we can all take:

  1. IDCAREhttps://www.idcare.org/optus-db-response. IDCARE provides comprehensive advice specifically on the Optus breach and covers licences, passports, and other personal information. IDCARE also has compiled advice and resources specific to those of us living in Qld.
  1. Australian Cyber Security Centre – The ACSC has published the following advice in an alert relating to this incident:
  • A cybercriminal may have stolen or may be trying to steal your identity.
  • Visit the IDCARE website and complete the Get Help Form or call 1800 595 160 to access IDCARE’s Identity and Cyber Security Case Managers. IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity support service. An IDCARE Identity and Cyber Security Case Manager can work with you to develop a specific response plan for your situation and support you through the process. IDCARE’s Learning Centre is also a key resource to learn how to prepare, prevent, detect and respond to identity and cyber security concerns.
  • If your identity has been stolen, apply for a Commonwealth Victims’ Certificate – a certificate helps support your claim that you have been the victim of identity crime and can be used to help re-establish your credentials with government or financial institutions.
  • The ACSC has a resource titled “So you think you’ve been hacked”, which can be accessed here: https://www.cyber.gov.au/have-you-been-hacked
  1. Moneysmarthttps://moneysmart.gov.au/banking/identity-theft.  If your identity has been stolen, you may not realise for some time. These are some signs to look out for:
  • Unusual bills or charges that you don’t recognise appear on your bank statement.
  • Mail that you’re expecting doesn’t arrive.
  • You get calls or texts about products and services you’ve never used.
  • Strange emails appear in your inbox.
  • A sudden increase in suspicious phone calls, texts or messages through social platforms.

Qld Driver’s Licences

The Qld Govt have confirmed that Optus customers who have had their Driver’s Licence numbers accessed can receive a new licence free of charge. You need to go into a TMR motor registry and show your Optus breach notification. Read more HERE.

My office is here to assist if you have any questions – 5479 2800 or ted.obrien.mp@aph.gov.au.

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