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An innovative charity which utilises purpose-built buses to temporarily house homeless people has issued a plea for volunteer support weeks out from opening their doors to those in need.

Following an extraordinary fundraising campaign led by the Maroochy Neighborhood Centere, which secured the $200,000 required for two buses, the charity now only has enough volunteers to open three nights per week.

Founder of sleepbus, Simon Rowe says that the response from the community has been incredible but they will need more volunteers if they are to expand their service to seven nights per week as planned.

“This is a volunteer run charity, so we need to make sure we are keeping our costs down,” Mr Rowe said.

“We’ve had a great response already from volunteers here, it’s a great community that’s welcomed me very well.”

“But we could always use more help, and we ask the public to come out and support where they can.”

Volunteer shifts vary from 1 hour to overnight and provide all the training and materials you require.

If you want to volunteer with sleepbus head here:

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