Technology not Taxes


Response to interview with Ed Husic on ABC Radio National

Labor’s Minister for Industry and Science has let the cat out of the bag confirming Labor is considering new taxes to address the challenges of climate change and energy.

Minister Ed Husic confirmed that a new profits tax is under consideration by the new government.

People’s natural instinct kicks-in under pressure and for Labor that means tackling problems with taxes.

On one hand, we have an Energy Minister saying ‘no’ to all technologies being on the table and on the other, we have an Industry Minister saying ‘yes’ to all taxes being on the table.

I call on the Labor Government to explain why they are open minded when it comes to tax but close minded when it comes to technology.

The former Coalition Government’s guiding principle was “technology, not taxes”.

The new Labor Government’s guiding principle is “taxes, not technology”.

**You can find Minister for Industry and Science, Ed Husic’s comments on RN Breakfast here at 04:45.

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