23/11/2020 – 15:00

Cooking classes to help widowed men are just one of the new offerings planned for the Maroochy Men’s Shed now that the group finally has a home of its own.

The $700,000 facility is divided into two sections, with 200sq/mts dedicated to metal and woodwork activities and a further 300sq/mts made up of kitchen and toilet facilities, an auxiliary room for meetings, a library and computer room.

The build was made possible thanks to a substantial Federal Government Grant.

“Men’s Sheds deserve all the support they get,” said Fairfax MP Ted O’Brien.

“I really went into bat for the Maroochy Men’s Shed on this one and was delighted to secure $450,000 from the Community Development Grants Program, and when you look around you can see the value they’ll get from every dollar.

“Men’s sheds connect people in ways other support networks, doctors or even spouses can’t.  They’re really worth their weight in gold,” he said.

Maroochy Men’s Shed President Graeme Giles said the Shed currently had 96 members and with today’s grand opening are hopeful of doubling that number over the next year.

“We thought we  were getting a tin shed, like any machinery shed on a farm, but it’s completely lined inside with insulation wool and whirlybirds on the roof and it’s quite cool even on the hot days we’ve been having,” Mr Giles said.

“At present we offer the metal work and wood work which is our main day to day function. We have discussion groups on Tuesday on all sorts of topics. We have a photographic group which is very active.

“Now we want to get cooking classes every fortnight if possible for simple means, we don’t want to get up to two or three star Michelin standard, just how to make an omelette or scrambled eggs, concentrating on single men cooking for themselves and getting nutrition into what they cook.

“I think owning the land and now opening this wonderful shed has really made the members feel as if they’ve achieved something. It proves their hard work going to all these functions on the weekend and selling tickets and doing all these little odd jobs has come to fruition,” Mr Giles said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the Australian Government’s $450,000 investment in community infrastructure would provide long term benefits to the Sunshine Coast region.

“Men’s Sheds are often a focal point of the community, a great place for members to come together, work on their skills and pass them down to the next generation,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

“This investment will enable members to get on with the things they love doing, making and fixing things for the community, as this project will bring prosperity to Maroochydore for many years to come.”

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